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This is a blog to pass on ideas or important information that may assist the specialized furniture carrier in their business.

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Patrick Cory is no stranger to going the last mile. In fact, he’s at the helm of a company that goes the last mile thousands of times a year, delivering large pieces of furniture, electronics and appliances that are too big and too heavy for the UPS or FedEx delivery systems.

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I just finished reading Jerry Epperson’s February 8, 2016 article in Furniture/Today, “Why I’m sticking with real brick-and-mortar stores.”  What a marvelous delineation between the brick-and-mortar and the Internet furniture buying experience.  It was clear, passionate, and complete.  As Jerry shared his story he took a jab at Amazon Prime’s free delivery.  Since he mentioned transportation, I would like to elaborate on the furniture industry’s very own private fleet and the unique services provided by specialized furniture carriers.

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On Wednesday, October 28, I had the opportunity to work a Job Fair at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Cooke Safety Director Danny Sidden, Styline Logistics Safety & Recruiting Official Lacy Shipwash, NWFX Safety & Recruiting Official Tommy Pritchard, and Tommy’s wife, Susan Pritchard, were also in attendance. All worked very hard to make this beneficial for the military personnel.

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If today's economy has taught us anything, it's that people will pay a premium for delivery of a product that they want. The perfect example illustrating this ever-growing phenomenon is the Internet-based company Amazon. A winning price/value formula is the basis of its ongoing success, and people are happy to pay a premium price for an item valued at $14.99 just to have it delivered the next day. We all know that a product needs to offer value through price and/or...
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Many delivery companies talk about performing white-glove deliveries. Such service in reality involves more than simply wearing white gloves when bringing furniture into the home. A true white-glove delivery is about the consumer feeling that the level of service she is receiving exceeds her expectations. It is about her feeling pleased that the delivery professionals took the time to explain the delivery process and about her feeling safe in her home. It's about her not feeling rushed for the delivery to...
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