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CSA & MAP-21: Beware

Posted by David Purvis on Monday, October 01 2012 in Specialized Carriers

It should come as no surprise that our businesses are becoming more complicated to run.  At our summer conference in July, Hank Seaton of Seaton & Husk explained many of the upcoming changes due to CSA and the passage of MAP-21 http://www.fta.dot.gov/map21/.

Liability caught everyone's attention.  New regulatory developments in CSA place the shipper and every carrier moving the product as potentially liable in the case of an accident or injury suit.  Retailer beware!  If you select the carrier to be used by the shipper of your goods, based on CSA scores instead of on routes, rates, and service alone, you too may be opening yourself up to being sued for having chosen an unsafe carrier.  Even a carrier with an excellent score under CSA measurements may be branded by CSA as unsafe (and you become liable) when the accident occurs.

Section 32915 of MAP-21 adds more complications.  To sub-contract a load to another carrier will now require a broker's license for the original contracted carrier.  Carriers beware!  A regional carrier handing off a load to another carrier or home delivery carrier will need their broker's license.     

Join us at the February 2013 conference.  We will try to provide you with the information and contacts you need to help you navigate your way. 

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