More information on Specialized Furniture Carriers

Specialized Furniture Carriers have chosen to dedicate their companies and resources to the handling and transporting of furniture. They provide three key differentiators that distinguish themselves from general commodities carriers.

Special Equipment and Skills

Furniture is heavy, bulky, and often has a fragile side. The fragile side is where doors, drawers, glass, mirrors, and panels may be vulnerable to damage. Automated equipment can sometimes be “heavy-handed.” Hand operated or furniture specific equipment allows for better decisions and reduced damage. Respecting the “Up Arrows” helps protect the furniture from damage on the fragile side. There are also specific skills required to properly load a trailer. By interlocking the furniture, the unit becomes more stable than the individual carton. Most specialized furniture carriers have the ability to repair minor damage to the furniture. Traditionally, carriers and retailers have been able to repair and deluxe furniture before delivery to the customer.

Special Long-term Relationships

The furniture industry is a relatively small industry. The long-term viability of the carrier focusing on the furniture industry depends on the reputation of the carrier for service and value. Locating operations in the manufacturer’s hometown increases the carrier’s dependence on the local manufacturer(s). Having a strong relationship with the manufacturer’s customers is also important since the retailer may determine the carrier. Often, the local carrier has a regular schedule to pick up (sometimes daily) allowing for improved service and cooperation.

Ship Furniture with Furniture

The not-so-hidden secret to transporting furniture damage free is to ship furniture with furniture. Properly loading a trailer interlocks the furniture creating a stronger unit than with just the individual items. This stronger unit protects products from shifting and, most importantly, protects the fragile side of the carton. Less transit damage is the result of a properly loaded trailer of furniture shipping with furniture. The point of sale is rapidly moving into the home of the consumer. Damage free delivery has become as important as the beautiful retail showroom or the manufacturing process itself.

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